AbleGamers Connects Game Developers with Gamers with Disabilities

AbleGamers, a nonprofit organization that aims to make video games accessible for people with disabilities, is creating Player Panels to connect gamers with disabilities with video game developers. The panels would test games that companies are developing and offer advice on how to make them more accessible.

To keep the panel members safe, AbleGamers will liaison between them and the companies. They will vet incoming requests for advice as well as make sure the panel members are paid for their work. AbleGamers is aware that many people with disabilities are on Social Security and cannot receive extra money without it affecting their benefits and is working with companies to offer alternative compensation. One idea is to give the panelists gift cards to popular stores.

AbleGamers COO Steve Spohn would not reveal what companies are involved, but he hopes that the project will start within the next few months.

Full Story: Brad Chacos, AbleGamers’ Player Panels Could Make Future Games More Disability-Friendly, PC World, Jun. 29, 2017, available at
Make future games more disability friendly

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Published on 08/08/2017