Govenor’s Commitee on Disability Issues & Employment

Join others working to improve the lives of people with disabilities: Apply by October 15, 2020 to become a member of the Governor’s Committee on Disability Issues & Employment

OLYMPIA – If you are interested in issues affecting people with disabilities and want to influence State decision makers, apply by October 15, 2020 to become a member of the Washington State Governor’s Committee on Disability Issues & Employment (GCDE).

The GCDE is currently recruiting members to fill seven (7) vacancies on the 27-member committee. New members will be appointed by the Governor to serve an initial three-year term, starting in 2021, with the possibility of being appointed for a second three-year term.

Committee members can live anywhere in Washington State and must be people with a disability, have family member(s) with a disability, work providing services to people with disabilities or be an advocate for people with disabilities.

Members identify issues and concerns about the rights and needs of people with disabilities, making recommendations to the Governor, State Legislature, State agencies, business community, organized labor, public and private organizations, and the general public.

GCDE committee members commit to participate actively in:

  • Three in-person meetings of the full GCDE per year, usually held in the Olympia-Lacey area. (We are currently meeting online due to Covid-19 and social distancing guidelines.)
  • Regular phone/videoconference meetings, and occasional in-person meetings, of the GCDE subcommittees that manage and implement GCDE programs.
  • Ad-hoc workgroups created to address specific tasks or issues for the benefit of the disability community.
  • The GCDE has five standing subcommittees that manage GCDE programs. New members are asked to volunteer to serve on the 1-2 subcommittees that most interest them. The GCDE Chairperson makes final decisions about subcommittee appointments based on the needs of the subcommittees.

    For more information about the qualifications for GCDE membership and the responsibilities of GCDE members, please see the GCDE Become a Member page. To apply, please see the Applicant Instructions linked on that page. You also can learn about our current members.

    For more information about the GCDE and its programs, please see the Projects page of the GCDE website.

    “Being a member of the GCDE has rewarded my life in numerous ways,” said Janet Bruckshen, Executive Director of Washington Vocational Services. She added, “I have found the diversity of experience among the people who serve alongside me has enriched my personal and professional life. The opportunity to contribute to the good of the community has broadened my sphere of influence and, by enabling me to bring these experiences back to my own organization, has enhanced my leadership skills. I have met key players in my profession, broadened my network, and gained insight from a diverse committee with common goals. My commitment to serve on the Committee has definitely been an equal exchange.”

    The GCDE is administered by the Washington State Employment Security Department. For more information, or if you have questions, please email Elaine Stefanowicz, Membership Program Coordinator, or call her at 360-890-3774.
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    Published on 09/09/2020