Video game testers with disabilities are needed

Xbox, in partnership with HCL, is developing a program to assess video games from a people with disabilities perspective. HCL’s role in this is to provide testing facilities, accessibility assessment expertise, testing and reporting. We are working with C2S to source people that have a unique skill set.

We are looking for people that play video games, even just casually, and are subject matter experts in their area of disability. For instance, someone with limited vision who has found ways to play video games has a unique skill set and perspective on how games function well and not so well. That experience and knowledge is needed for Xbox to improve their games.

These testers would be employees of C2S and contracted to HCL for this work. While working with HCL they would be performing assessments of games that have not yet been released to the public. This will require that they are over 18 and are willing to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement to ensure protection of the intellectual property.

While working with HCL we will also train them on testing, bug writing, assessments, tools, etc. While not working with HCL, C2S will be able to contract them to other companies that require their skills. All work will be within the King County area. HCL labs where the game testing will be done is located in Redmond.

If you know of anyone that would be interested in this work, please have them contact Ethan Wiswell( C2S. If you have questions about this work you’d like answered before sending out Ethan’s contact information, please reply to this email or call me at 425-223-0930.


Glenn Barfield

Biz Dev/PM/Test Manager

Amputee Outdoors

Published on 10/07/2020