AURC- Research Opportunity

I am a Research Scientist at the V. Crawford Research Institute at Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Shepherd Center is a top 10 rehabilitation facility in the nation and our research institute studies a range of topic areas, including technology research for people with disabilities.

I work with the Accessibility User Research Collective, AURC, which is a self-selected group of people with disabilities to do research at Microsoft for usability of products like Xbox, LinkedIn, and PowerPoint. We have a rigorous Institutional Review Board, IRB, and all of our researchers have completed ethical research training. To date, the technology research has conducted studies for Microsoft for three years and over 75 studies


Given that Alliance of People with Disabilities has strong connections to people with disabilities, I wanted to reach out to you about passing along the AURC to people whom may be interested in being part of paid research to improve accessibility with Microsoft technology. The AURC is open to all people who have disabilities who are 18 and older living in the United States. The process to join the AURC is simple, people with disabilities complete a screener and we reach out to people who meet the qualifications for studies. The studies are typically a survey or interview and have a $50 per hour stipend for participation.

Here is a link to the AURC:

Here is the link to the AURC Member Form:

Please let me know if you have any questions

I hope you are having a good day.

Raeda Anderson

Published on 10/20/2020