The Americans With Disabilities Act, recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary. Signed in 1990, The ADA is an important piece of legislation because it gave people with disabilities equal access to employment, education, and healthcare under the law. Its signing was a watershed moment for America and a small step toward equality for all.

Yet, more work needs to be accomplished.  For example,

“Americans, especially individuals with disabilities, are negatively affected on a daily basis by the lack of accessible and affordable transportation. Americans with disabilities demand transportation options than are affordable and accessible. We must embrace innovative ideas that serve to enhance and maximize community

integration, connectivity, and independence.
NCIL believes that Congress must move toward a 21st century
system that focuses on accountability and results while
creating jobs, providing access to opportunity for all Americans
(including individuals with disabilities), reducing carbon
emissions and our dependence on foreign oil, and improving
America’s economic competitiveness. This can include
vehicles running on compressed natural gas (CNGs), hybrid
vehicles, etc. NCIL believes that our policymakers should
support American companies by providing incentives and
subsidies toward the development of new universally designed, wheelchair accessible, energy efficient transportation vehicles.” For more information look at this  pdf.