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Seeking people who use assistive tech for paid usability studies

Anthro-Tech, a user-centered design, usability research and training firm based in Seattle & Olympia, is currently looking for participants for…

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Disability Identity Event October 7th,, 2021

Ten Week Session Teaches Disability Identity, Stereotypes, to Disclose, or not to Disclose & More. Weekly 2-4PM for 10 weeks.…

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UW Research Study

The University of Washington is conducting a research study called the ‘Community Health Study’. It is a telephone based health-coaching…

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Alliance is thinking of our consumers during the Coronavirus Crisis. We have assembled these Covid-19 Resources to help our consumers cope with the stress they may be feeling. Stay safe and healthy. We hope to see you soon.

Alliance of People with disAbilities

Established in 1977, Alliance of People with disAbilities is located in King County, Washington. We have three independent living centers located in Seattle, Redmond, and Auburn.

At the Alliance, we work hard to make our community more accessible, inclusive, and usable for everyone. Our programs are open to people with all types of disAbilities. We help be a part of their community. Go to the King County Disability Consortium (KCDC) Event Recordings page to learn about events or topics that are important to members of our community. Our partner, The Together Center just christened a new Building! We hope to see you during a happy and healthy 2021!

Independent Living Core Services

The Alliance of People with disAbilities is the Independent Living Center for King County, Washington State. The Alliance provides a variety of services to any person in the community who has any disability, regardless of age or national origin (citizens and non-citizens, alike). Alliance services can be categorized into five area.

  1. Information and Referral: Our friendly, professional, and caring staff can help you locate and access resources to complete your goals.
  2. Independent Living Skills Training: We can help you perfect the life skills you need to live as independently as you wish.
  3. Peer Support: Peer groups meet regularly and are a great way to gain skills and to share resources, experience, and support.
  4. Advocacy: Staff advocates with the community for changes in policies and practices to ensure the civil rights of people with disabilities. We can help perfect the skills you need to gain the services you need in a direct and forthright manner, and when dealing with a big company or corporation, we’ll help ensure you don’t get lost in the crowd.
  5. Transition: A) Moving people from institutions into the community with appropriate support. B) Serving individual who are at risk for institutionalization C) Transiting youth ages 14 – 24 from education into post – secondary schooling or employment

If  you are not in King County you can find your ILC office using this link

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