Independent Living Centers can be found in every state across our nation. The Alliance of People with disAbilities was established in 1977 to serve the residents of King county, and has offices’ located in Seattle and Redmond.  Our staff strives to provide empowering opportunities to individuals with disAbilities through resource referrals and private independent living plans.  Supporting a message of equality, inclusion and choice is rooted in the individuals that are members of our staff and board of directors. The majority of our management, staff, and Board of Directors are individuals with different types of disAbilities, which allows us to show people we work with different methods of gaining independence that stem from our personal experience facing systems that are often barriers.

An Independent Living Center is a community-based nonprofit organization. Our center started in 1973 after a group of King County disability rights activists joined together to urge enactment of regulations implementing Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. The rehabilitation act provides a guide to what all people with disAbilities should expect, equal access for all! The Alliance provides services to individuals with disAbilities in small group activities and individual plans to work towards ensuring that barriers are reduced and eventually removed.   Our providers introduce tools to improve our consumers’ access to: housing, employment, transportation, assistive technology, community resources, recreational facilities, healthcare, and social service resources.

Throughout the last few decades our organization has changed and matured; we serve thousands of participants yearly, employ a dedicated staff of service providers, host volunteers, and are guided by our board of directors. In 2014, the Alliance gained a valuable new team member, Kimberly Heymann. Ms. Heymann fills the position as our new Executive Director.


“Independent Living is having the right and opportunity to pursue a course of action. And, it is having the freedom to fail-and to learn from one’s failures, just as nondisabled people do.”

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