Board Of Directors

Steve Lewis

Steve Lewis
Board President
Steve has served on the board of Alliance of People with disAbilities for over a year. He helps supervise the iTEC lab and had served on the committee of legal services. Steve is married and has two grown daughters and one cat. His experience on the board has been positive and fulfilling giving him a chance to meet work with and assist a number of people with different abilities and disabilities. Steve’s Email 

Aaron McCullough

Aron McCullough Aaron is an attorney and consultant focusing on compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. He is an experienced lecturer on civil rights compliance with a near 15 year record of never boring a participant to sleep, and he has hopes to keep his streak alive. Aaron heads the accessibility compliance consulting firm known as ADAConsult Services. Formerly, Aaron was a legal specialist for the Southwest ADA Center. Aaron’s recent research interests include: Title II ADA compliance for state and local governmental entities, fair housing accessibility, compliance strategies in lodging and recreational settings, and accessibility compliance requirements in state and local law. He has recently relocated to Seattle, Washington, but still maintains an office in Texas.


 Picture of Jean Tang with tree. Jean is on the faculty at University of Washington School of Nursing. Her research area is in comorbid insomnia and chronic pain, with a focus on the use of non-pharmacological approaches for symptom management and health promotion. She has taught in both undergraduate and graduate programs. Her teaching philosophy encompasses educating the whole person to develop socially responsible health professionals. Jean is a board certified Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Her practice embraces interdisciplinary model. She believes the patient-provider partnership and inter-professional collaboration is the core for the optimal care outcome.

Toby Willis

Toby Willis
Board Treasurer
Toby has a Master degree in Education from Middle Tennessee State University where he worked as a Student Technology Specialist in the Adaptive Technology Center. Toby went on to Nashville State Community College then to City University of Seattle where he worked as Director of Disability Support Services. He earned a Master of Business Administration from City U after being promoted to Director of Site Operations for North America. Toby currently serves as President and CEO of Independence Guide Dogs; a 501C3 nonprofit organization he founded in 2012. He also consults with Corporations, Businesses, organizations and individuals in the areas of disability law and accessibility.

Howard Barkhoff

picture of Howard Barkhoff on White Background Howard is a retired tax accountant with a master’s degree in Federal Taxation from Golden Gate University. He is a founder and board member of Evergreen Business Capital (EBC). Evergreen Business Capital is a nonprofit that provides loans to entrepreneurs who do not qualify for conventional bank loans. Howard is also chairman of the Evergreen Business Capital Foundation. Howard mentors new business owners as a SCORE certified business mentor. This volunteer work is very satisfying for Howard and provides a sense of purpose to retirement.

Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith
Professional Sign Language Interpreter
I learned about the Alliance through a client and was thrilled to join the board. I’ve been working with the Deaf and DeafBlind communities for the past 5 years, and strive to be a reliable ally and advocate throughout the Puget Sound.”


Kimberly Meck (Heymann)

Picture of Executive Director Kimberly Meck (Heymann)
Executive Director               Phone:206-632-1212   Email: kimberly@disabilitypride.org
Kimberly Meck (Heymann) joined the Alliance in August of 2014. She has a Masters degree and a history of working with an independent living CIL as a board-member for several years. Kimberly has overseen major changes for the Alliance’s: phone systems, database email system, and website.

Robert Blumenfeld

Robert Blumenfeld
Associate Director
Phone: 425-998-5839
Email: robert@disabilitypride.org
Robert (he/him) joined us in 1997 and oversees numerous programs. He has received the prestigious Governor’s Trophy and is a member of several committees and commissions. Robert has a Bachelor of Science in education from Montana State University. “I am a person with multiple disabilities, covering cognitive, neurological, physical, mental/emotional, and sensory.”

Hope Drumond Il Specialist Lead

Hope Drummond
My name is Hope Drummond.I am a longtime advocate for people with disabilities on a range of fronts. As an individual of short stature with multiple other disabilities, I have first-hand experience with navigating through institutions that are not designed to include me as an active participant. In my professional life, I have assisted clients with disAbilities transition into the workforce, sort out benefits and insurance issues, and become more independent. I have served on the youth advisory board of Healthy Futures at Life Coalition in Mississippi and the board of the My Voice My Choice Project under the Arc of Mississippi Organization. I am a powerful advocate, who has engaged extensively in the public arena on behalf of individuals with disabilities and has increased awareness of disability issues.


Brian Tacovelli, Independent Living Specialist

brian@disabilitypride.org Brian (he/him) has 12 years of experience working in peer support, harm reduction and health education. He held previous positions with Seattle Counseling Services, Seattle-area support groups and Washington state Department of Health. He enjoys volunteering and advocating for human and animal rights.

Mandy Wes, Independent Living Specialist

Mandy's Picturemandy@disabilitypride.org An immigrant from South Africa, Mandy (she/her) has a Bachelor of Arts in human services from Western Washington University and a graduate degree in psychology from Antioch University. Mandy is a licensed mental health counselor. “Being born with Cerebral Palsy, as well as living with Epilepsy and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, I feel passionate about assisting others in recognizing their strengths.”

Philip Bradford, Independent Living Specialist

Mandy's Picturephilip@disabilitypride.org Philip (he/him) focuses on addressing an individual’s unmet needs and specializes in helping seniors. He has a decades-long lived experience of a neurodiverse approach to living with a disability. For more than 20 years he has helped people with job searching and living independently.

Marlene Gallichan, C.H.O.I.C.E.S Program Coordinator

Mandy's Picturemarlene@disabilitypride.org A Seattle native, Marlene (she/her) joined us in 2020 doing advocacy, peer support, and facilitating groups and workshops. She previously worked as a certified peer counselor and recovery coach. She also developed a supported employment program in a previous position. Marlene overcame her own substance use disorder and mental health challenges and now lives out her passion of supporting people who are trying to improve and enrich their lives.